Addressing questions

We assign and maintain all the 911 address information for Mayes County.  Each
town or city is responsible for all addressing inside these areas.

If you are building a new house inside Mayes County, but outside of a city limit, you
will need to contact our addressing department and receive a 911 address before
you are able to receive utilities to the property.

The process of getting a 911 address usually takes 2-3 business days after receiving
your information.  Information you should have available to expedite this service

The 911 address of your closest neighbor.
The road number that runs in front of your driveway (the road your primary drive
connects to).

You must mark your driveway location with a flag or marker before we can assign the
new address.

You will need this 911 address even if you plan to use a Post Office Box for mail

The most important purpose in having a 911 address is for locating your home in
case of an emergency.  You must place your address at the end of your driveway
near the road.  If your address isn't posted for emergency responders, they may not
be able to find your home in an emergency.  It is also the law.  Mayes County
residents are required by law to post their 911 addresses near the end of the
driveway.  For more information about this, please call
the 911 Director, at (918)